Scholarships – General Information

*At present, North Thurston Public Schools are scheduled to reopen on Monday, April 27. Due to the disruption created by the closure, The North Thurston Education Foundation has changed the due date for scholarship applications to Friday, May 1. Applications should be left in your career counseling center or mailed to the Foundation (PO Box 3312, Lacey WA 98509) by May 1. Late applications will not be accepted.

In the event school does not resume on April 27, we will revisit the due date and proper procedure for scholarship applicants to follow. Stay tuned for updates and keep working on your applications. Be safe!

The North Thurston Education Foundation (NTEF) has a robust scholarship program that provides funds for North Thurston Public Schools graduates who will attend post-secondary schools, including vocational or trade schools, colleges or universities.

NTEF awarded 38 new and 13 renewable scholarships in 2019 valued at $135,000! The scholarship program includes designated named endowed scholarships and Foundation-funded scholarships. Each scholarship has a minimum value of $2,000 with a guarantee that at least one student at each NTPS high school will receive a scholarship. Some scholarships are renewable from year to year.

In addition to being on track to graduate from a North Thurston Public School*, applicants must demonstrate:
(1) The skills necessary to succeed in their chosen post-secondary school.
(2) Good citizenship and leadership qualities.
(3) A need for financial assistance to meet their educational goals.
* The exception is the Vaughan Philpot scholarship that will be awarded to a NTPS Gravity student who has completed his/her GED or graduation requirements.

Due Date: May 1, 2020 *(subject to changed based on school reopen date) 

CLICK HERE for the Scholarship Application and Instructions.

CLICK HERE for our list of Named Scholarships.

CLICK HERE for the Gravity Application and Instructions.

If you are interested in establishing a named scholarship, call our Executive Director, Michael Jones at 360-790-6548 or e-mail [email protected]