Board Member Spotlight: Beth Utto-Galarneau Pastor, St. Mark Lutheran Church in Lacey


1.) How did you first get involved in NTEF?

Six years ago, Mike Jones, who is now the Executive Director, was an NTEF Board Member and encouraged me to attend a meeting to find out more about the organization.  I was impressed with the amazing and important work being done by NTEF for our students, teachers, and schools.  This organization is truly about removing barriers to help students and teachers be successful.  I wanted to be involved not only by being a donor, but also in a hands on way.  The Board of Trustees is a “working board” so it was a perfect fit for my desire to improve and build our community in a meaningful way.  

2.) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

I love being with my family.  Exploring our beautiful Pacific Northwest and traveling to new places makes me happy!  I enjoy being creative and dabble in a variety of art media.  One of my favorite artistic endeavors is creating pottery.  I also delight in encouraging the creativity of others.  

3.) How do you believe the community can best support the work of NTEF?

The first step of supporting the work of NTEF is to become aware of the many ways we assist our NTPS students, teachers, staff and schools. Attend a Board Meeting or please look at our website to see how you can join us in impacting the lives of our students in a profoundly good way! We welcome community involvement in our many projects and committees.  You do not have to be a Board Member to participate in any of our committees, including our committees that award Learning Improvement Grants to Teachers and Scholarships to Graduating Seniors and our committee that plans our Annual Fundraising Luncheon.  Obviously, financial donations are encouraged to support our important mission in removing barriers for our students to be successful.  Please thoughtfully consider how you might be involved–“It’s for the kids!”