Student Assistance Grants

In addition to Scholarships and Learning Improvement Grants, the Foundation also offers Student Assistance Grants to help students overcome obstacles to their success in school.  Annual allocations are provided to every school in the district, and to a district-at-large fund, to be used for personal and school needs such as:

  •    $30 Covers cost of an ASB card for a student
  •    $45 Buys a pair of shoes or a coat to keep out the cold
  •    $50 Provides a backpack and school supplies needed to be successful in school
  •    $60 Covers the athletic fee for a middle school student to participate in sports.
  •    $87 Covers the cost of an AP Exam for a high school student.
  •    $100 Provides athletic fee for high school student to participate in sports. $125 covers football.
  •    $100 Rents an instrument for two months for a budding musician
  •    $250 Helps 10 children participate in music, drama, and experiences that broaden their horizons
  •    $1,200 Provides a one-year student assistance grant to an elementary school to help many students.
  •    $1,500 Provides a one-year student assistance grant to a middle school to help many students
  •    $1,500 Provides a one-year Learning Improvement Grant to help increase student learning.
  •    $2,000 Provides a one-year student assistance grant to a high school to help many students
  •    $2,000 Provides a scholarship to a needy graduating senior for advanced learning.

School staff has responsibility for distribution of the allocated funds.

Did You Know:

  • In May 2015, 6,341 students, out of an enrollment of 14,395 in North Thurston Public Schools qualified for free or reduced-price lunch, for 43.13%, an indication of poverty level. This is a slight decrease over 2014 as total enrollment for May 1 is also a bit down.
  • As of May 2015, 750 school-age students in North Thurston Public Schools are homeless, the most ever reported. This is 147 more students than in 2014, an increase of 24.37%.
  • Poverty among school-age children in Washington is increasing. In 2013 approximately 291,841 children in Washington lived in families below the federal poverty threshold; thus, 18.6 percent of Washington children under 18 lived in poverty, according to Washington Kids Count.
  • In the past 26 years, the North Thurston Education Foundation has given more than $965,927 to students and schools in the North Thurston Public Schools to help young people overcome obstacles to their education. Each year hundreds of students are helped through the Foundation’s programs.
  • In 2014, the Foundation provided $100,965 in support to students in North Thurston Public schools through our major programs, a new high in Foundation history.
  • The NTEF helps students succeed in school by removing barriers. WE

– ASSURE students in need have the basics: food, clothing, and other support in order to be able to learn.

Annually providing Student Assistance Grants to every school in the district to be used for personal and school needs such as school supplies, fees, clothing, toiletries and medical supplies. In the fall 2008, McGimpsey Pantries were established in the secondary schools as part of the Student Assistance program. Recently, Lacey Boys’ and Girls’ Club and the GRAVITY drop out re-engagement project also received funds for uses similar to SAG. The Foundation has helped about 20,548 students with their personal and school needs over the years through the grants, the Pantries, and the special projects.

INCREASE access to college and advanced training through scholarships for graduating seniors in need.

Annually providing scholarships for graduating seniors to continue their education or training in college or other institutions.  In 2015, $59,500 was budgeted for 24 scholarships and renewals for some scholarships. A total of 411 students have received scholarships since 1990.

IMPROVE student learning opportunities by providing financial support for innovative classroom activities.

Annually awarding up to five Learning Improvement Grants, through a competitive application process. Funds help teachers increase student learning. For example, the grants have provided special classroom reading materials, opportunities for enrichment activities, and helped teachers work with families and children who are English Language Learners. Since 1996, 109 classrooms have received grants.

GUARANTEE leadership, resources and strong support for students in North Thurston Public Schools.

Maintaining a strong, dedicated volunteer Board of Trustees that continues to work with the community and school district to help serve students and schools.

Grants allocated in 2015:

– Elementary Schools $1,200 each
– Middle Schools and small high school $1,500 each
– High Schools and district-at-large fund $2,000 each

McGimpsey Pantries, a part of the Student Assistance Program, provide funds for food and toiletries at the middle and high schools.  The Pantries began in 2008. The McGimpsey Pantry also funds a special summer grant for Lacey Girls’ and Boys’ Club beginning in 2010. Beginning in 2013, the Foundation provides $1,500 a semester for the GRAVITY High School re-engagement program to assist students from NTPS who have dropped out to re-engage to continue their education.

Examples of previous use:

  • Single mom of a middle school student couldn’t afford an eye exam and he needed the exam for glasses. The school nurse found a discount for the exam and glasses were then covered from NTEF
  • Another middle school student, whose family qualified for state assistance in the past, now does not qualify and has no insurance. The student needed immunizations and the cost of immunizations was covered by NTEF.
  • Student assistance funds paid the instrument rental fees so that a 5th grade student could play in the school band.
  • Student assistance funds are frequently used to purchase shoes for children whose families can’t afford to buy them. Most of these children are wearing other people’s shoes that don’t fit and are worn out.
  • The funds allowed many students to play school sports when they can’t afford to pay the participation fees and wouldn’t be able to participate without the assistance.

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