Lewis R. Hawthorne & Edna C. Hawthorne Scholarships

These two scholarships were established by a bequest from the estate of Lewis R. Hawthorne and Edna C. Hawthorne, Lacey residents whose nephew and niece taught at North Thurston High School and Timberline High School respectively.   Pursuant to the terms of the bequest, each year two scholarships will be awarded: one to a graduating senior from North Thurston High School and one to a graduating senior from Timberline High School.  The scholarships will be awarded to support the recipients’ first year of enrollment at in-state public institution (community college, four-year college, or university) of the recipient’s choice.  Each scholarship will be in the amount of the first year’s tuition and mandatory fees at the institution chosen by the recipient.

Scholarships awarded to students attending a four-year college or university are for one year only.  An additional award may be made to the recipient attending a community college who is enrolled in a course of study leading to either an associate’s degree or a specialized technical certificate requiring two years to complete.  In order to receive the additional second-year award, the student must continue to be enrolled in a community college and making satisfactory progress toward an associate’s degree or completion of the two-year certificate program, based on the recipient’s first year academic results.

The Foundation maintains separate accounts to support the two scholarships, and each is paid from the appropriate account.


  1. The recipient is for graduates from North Thurston High School and Timberline High School only.
  2. The recipient shall demonstrate financial need for the scholarship.
  3. The goal of the scholarship is to identify and provide support to those students who, without the scholarship, are at greater risk of not pursuing post-high school education to a four year degree.


  1. Submit two (2) letters of recommendation: one from a teacher or counselor which documents scholarship, leadership and citizenship qualities and potential for success in post-high school education; and one from a member of the community who is not a relative of the applicant or employed in the applicant’s school describing the applicant’s leadership and community service in non-school related activity or activities in the community.
  2. Submit a short essay responding to this: How does your pursuit of math or science contribute to your creativity and your ability to accomplish your life goals?
  3. Submit a transcript of grades.
  4. Submit a completed application form and all required documents as one unit.  Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Due Date
Completed applications are to be submitted to the high school counselor or career center on or before the due date posted annually on www.ntef.org.

The Foundation Board of Trustees Selection Committee reviews all applications and selects recipients. The selection process must comply with the nondiscrimination provision of the Bylaws, Article 11, Section 10.

Application Forms
Application forms may be obtained from the high school counselor’s office or by clicking on the button below.